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Secure Your Operations with All Fronts Insurance’s Freight Broker Insurance

Transporting loads safely and gaining the confidence of larger shipping clients are key elements of a successful freight brokerage operation. All Fronts Insurance’s Freight Broker Insurance serves as an essential tool to mitigate potential risks and avoid possible financial distress.

Types of Freight Broker Coverages

We offer a variety of coverages tailored to freight brokers:

Freight Broker Surety Bonds – BMC-84
This FMCSA mandate is not actually insurance, but a requirement for all Licensed Freight Brokers and ensures the protection of motor truck carriers or shippers hired by a freight broker. The minimum bond amount required is $75,000.

All Risk Shippers Interest
This offers primary cargo coverage responding to the physical loss or damage to cargo. Claims under this policy can be settled directly with insurers without having to collect a cargo claim from the motor carrier first.

Freight Broker Excess Liability
This increases limits for Freight Broker Professional Indemnity, Auto/Third Party Legal Liability, or Commercial General Liability. This extension proves attractive due to the generally low limits of only 1MM in place for most motor carriers.

Professional Liability Insurance (Errors & Omissions)
This covers errors and mistakes, protecting against litigation and financial loss stemming from negligence.

Freight Broker Contingent Cargo
This coverage activates with the loss of or damage to cargo and doesn’t require liability.

Per Shipment Cargo (PSC)
PSC provides an excess line of coverage for specific shipments, ensuring your cargo’s safety from the shipping point to the ultimate destination.

Freight Broker Auto/Third Party Legal Liability
Offering defense coverage, it protects the Freight Broker against litigation arising from bodily injury, death, or property damage.

Freight Broker General Liability
Offering defense coverage, it protects the Freight Broker from litigation following bodily injury, death, or property damage on the Freight Broker’s covered premises.

Freight Broker Cargo Legal Liability
This safeguards the Freight Broker when involved in litigation by third parties due to cargo loss or damage.

All Fronts Insurance is committed to providing comprehensive and robust coverage options for freight brokers. Explore the right coverage to fortify your freight business and approach your daily operations with peace of mind, knowing you’re completely covered.

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