Motor Truck Cargo

Guard Your Freight with All Fronts Insurance’s Motor Truck Cargo Coverage

The lifeblood of a trucking operation lies in the goods it transports. With All Fronts Insurance’s Motor Truck Cargo Coverage, protect your responsibility for the freight you carry. We customize coverage to match your specific operation’s requirements and the commodities you typically haul.

What Should You Know

Our coverage extends to damages explicitly induced upon the freight. The average coverage span ranges between $100,000 – $250,000. However, understand that policies may have specific exclusions.

While choosing your Motor Truck Cargo coverage with us, you control the limit and deductible you’re comfortable with. Keep in mind, a higher deductible lowers premiums, but ensure the chosen deductible is within your immediate financial reach in case of a claim. Talk to our agents to understand all the policy’s stipulations fully.

Coverage Particulars Under Motor Truck Cargo

Commodity-specific coverage is available, and excluded commodities can be encompassed via endorsements, potentially incurring a fee.

Reefer Breakdown: This covers losses generally excluded under the policy due to reefer malfunctions causing temperature variations and cargo rejection.

Trailer Interchange: Designed for collision-based damages, it covers damages to a non-owned trailer, even if not connected to a listed power unit.

Clean Up/Debris Removal: This takes care of the clean-up undertaken by tow service in case the cargo spills out of a trailer during a collision.

Work with All Fronts Insurance ensures your Motor Truck Cargo Coverage’s navigation is tailor-crafted to your business needs. Our experts excel at presenting distinctive, strategic coverage plans to retain customer contentment. Connect with All Fronts Insurance today to explore the ideal coverage for your motor truck cargo.

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