Safeguard Your Workforce with All Fronts Insurance’s Occupational Accident (OccAcc) Coverage

Employees’ health and safety play a pivotal role in the success of your trucking business. With All Fronts Insurance’s Occupational Accident (OccAcc) Coverage, we aim to shield your employees from unforeseen accidents that could occur on the job.

OccAcc and its Importance

Occupational Accident (OccAcc) insurance provides medical, disability, death, and dismemberment benefits for any accidents arising during their work. It stands as an alternative to state workers’ compensation laws and offers businesses a more cost-effective solution compared to traditional workers’ compensation policies. OccAcc coverage can encompass wages lost while an employee is out due to an injury.

Occupational Accident Insurance for the Trucking Industry

OccAcc is specifically designed to cover independent contractors suffering injuries while performing duties under a motor carrier lease. It offers benefits such as accidental death, dismemberment & paralysis, disability, and medical expenses. OccAcc focuses on delivering coverage for Owner-Operators, 1099 employees, or non-W-2 employees, contrary to workers’ compensation, which provides coverage for W-2 or company drivers.

What All Fronts Insurance Offers

Our Occupational Accident Insurance program includes:

  • High-Limit OccAcc Medical Limit
  • Comprehensive Dispatch Coverage
  • Accident Disability Income Coverage
  • Non-Occupational Benefits
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefits
  • Passenger Accident (Covers Authorized Passengers)

All Fronts Insurance’s OccAcc insurance is an excellent choice for independent contractors seeking comprehensive coverage that suits their specific needs. Reach out to speak with an All Fronts Insurance specialist and explore Occupational Accident Insurance options tailored to your situation.

Protect the livelihoods of your employees and ensure their well-being with All Fronts Insurance’s Occupational Accident Coverage.

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